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Wessex Elesse Elevator

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Model: Ellese

Wessex Lifts

A fully enclosed Through-Floor Lift that is designed for your safety, flexibility and independence. If you are looking for a stylish elevator on a budget, the Elesse is a great choice. The Elesse line doesn't require a footing or foundation, and can be installed in just a few days for a fraction of the cost of a conventional elevator. When the lift is upstairs, you can walk below it. When the lift is downstairs you can walk over it.

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Why Choose a Elesse

Alternative to a Stair Lift?

  • Keep the stairway clear of obstuctions
  • Can fit in most rooms
  • Eesthetically pleasing design
  • Minimal building works
  • Very quiet
  • Easy to operate

Is the Elesse Right for you?

The Elesse elevator is a similar product the the VE15 with a very exclusive finish. Currently the Elesse lift comes in one size only. There are a few factors to consider when buying a lift. For example, if you need to transport a wheelchair, the Elesse Elevator is not for you due to size. Below is a list of lifts Wessex manufactures, the Elesse currently comes in a size 15/25. See dimensions and charts below.

  • VE15 - Compact elevator (seated), lifting up to 9.8ft
  • VE31 - Standard elevator, lifting up to 9.8ft
  • VE36 - Large elevator, lifting up to 9.8ft
  • VE38 - Extra large elevator, lifting up to 9.8ft
  • VE25 - Compact elevator (seated), lifting up to 11.5ft
  • VE51 - Standard elevator, lifting up to 11.5ft
  • VE56 - Large elevator, lifting up to 11.5ft
  • VE58 - Extra large elevator, lifting up to 11.5ft


Product Highlights


Tank and Pump

This unit can be placed indoors or outdoors

Bottom Track

Bottom Track

Doesn't require special footing or foundation


Lift Sizes and Drawings

Wessex VE product range

Wessex Opening Drawing
Wessex Ceiling Drawing

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Wessex Elesse Product

ASMI A17.1

Technical Downloads

Wessex Ceiling Patch

Wessex Aperture Specifications

Wessex Ceiling Patch

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